What is a Confidential Search?

Our confidential search is paramount to a successful relationship. Our exclusive arrangements allows us to be a trusted partner and maintaining that elite status is one key to our success.

We work on behalf of the client and the candidate, and keeping searches confidential has many benefits. Our clients use confidentiality to search newly appointed positions, replace workers without alerting personnel and hire executives, not releasing the personnel change until they are ready to do so.

Candidates with full time jobs have been able to find their next opportunity while not alerting their current employer of their search until they give their notice. We present your qualifications for positions that will never make the job boards and as trusted partners for our clients we have the inside track.

Confidentiality does not mean "secret". At the Great News Inc., our partnerships include transparency. We ask questions, welcome "Your" questions and will do our very best to answer, guide and place you with the best possible match.